Hilango's Mission:

Advising clients in optimizing the HR functions' sustainability

About Us

Raising Processing Speed & Quality

Raising processing speed and quality.

Organizing For Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

Organizing For Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

Change Management

Upfront to HR solution implementations: defining the appropriate platform / architecture and solutions.

Cloud based HR Transformation advisory

Alongside Cloud solution implementation projects.

Strengthening For Growth

Strengthening for growth in M&A and supporting “speed-to-focus” in disentanglement / carve outs.

Cloud Based HR Transformation Advisory

In the light of this mission, HILANGO offers Cloud based HR Transformation advisory.

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The Company


Hilango is not just another HR Advisory firm.

We have enriched our 20 years of traditional HR Transformation experience with our knowledge and hands-on Cloud implementation experience into a unique combination of skills and capabilities.

This in order to assist clients before, during and after a Cloud based transformation cycle.


Hilango has an overall HR advisory experience of over half a century, both in national and international environments.

We mainly work with senior professionals, who have tons of experience as well as an open and modern mind to improve the sustainability of the client’s HR function.

Hilango works from strategy to implementation assistance in domains like Organization changes, Process adaptation, Change management, ...

Value Proposition

In its business role of “catalyst of change”, Hilango is highly specialized in three main areas:

HR Organization Design

Alternative Service Delivery models - Shared Service Centers/In-Outsourcing – CoE...

Best Possible Solution

We always do our utmost to understand the customers' background and business objectives and to creatively seek for the best possible solution.

Intellectual Property

Our professionals have access to our Intellectual Property library which contains a wide range of owned tools/templates and delivery accelerators.

More Than The Standard Solution

As a HILANGO customer, you always get more than you've asked for. We treat your business challenges as unique and we think out of the box to provide you with more options and recommendations than just the 'standard solution'.

HR Solutions

HR solutions (systems’ architecture) and innovation

Process Adaptation


Hilango News

A few months ago HILANGO decided to spend some time digging into the world of HR Cloud and SaaS solutions to better understand this new world and its impact on the HR function. We are now ready […]

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